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Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants for the Aerospace  Industries.

Commercial, corporate and military aviation – demands safety, reliability and compliance with a wide range of precise military specifications, as well as reduced maintenance requirements.

An important element in a successful space program is material that can withstand the severe conditions of outer space while consistently operating at peak efficiency. Mission critical equipment cannot function without a lubricant that has been specifically formulated to deliver optimal performance. Only a team of world class researchers who intimately understand the requirements of space applications could formulate new lubricants based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE) chemistry to achieve mission critical success.

The space community has come to rely on Fomblin® PFPE based lubricants as the preferred lubricant solutions for space applications. The characteristics of these lubricants meet many of the most challenging space requirements, for example:

  •        Outgassing — 10-8 mbar or lower vapour pressure at room temperature to avoid outgases interfering with instruments or operations. With Fomblin® PFPE  linear lubricants, they inherently have low outgassing properties.
  •       Unaffected lubricity and viscosity within a wide temperature range — In order to specify one lubricant for a specific piece of equipment exposed to changing temperature conditions, the lubricant selected must have a broad application base. Fomblin® PFPE  linear lubricants are the best in class PFPE, offering wide temperature range capabilities (-90°C to 260°C).
  •       Temperature fluctuations — Thermal conditions can, in a short period of time, oscillate between temperature extremes. Fomblin® PFPE  linear lubricants remain stable as heat conditions fluctuate.
  •       Long-life application — equipment must function for years unattended with no opportunity to re-lubricate. Fomblin® PFPE  linear lubricants are inert and non-reactive to most materials and conditions.
  •       Stable physical properties over time – Fomblin® PFPE lubricants are virtually unaffected by harsh environments like shock, vibration, heat, pressure and caustic chemicals such as rocket fuels and oxidizers, as well as being radiation resistant
  •       Resistance to vapour loss in a vacuum, such as during high altitude, orbit or deep space flight
  •       Excellent friction-reduction characteristics provide long wear and low energy consumption
  •       Nontoxic and non-evaporative

 Their accomplishments have been successfully demonstrated in many space applications including:

  •        Space Shuttle – Wing flap and tail rudder/speed brake actuators, hydraulic system, cargo bay doors/bay lift arm, crew seat adjustment gears, and the oxygen system
  •       Space Suit – Breathing pack and arm/leg joints bearings
  •       Hubble Space Telescope – Optical adjustment bearings and gears
  •       Space Station – Oxygen system, docking hardware, treadmill, instrument bearings, valves, and switches
  •       Bearings – all types, including high-speed bearings, synchronous motor bearings in gyroscopes, thrust & vector control bearings
  •       Seals – valves and pumps
  •       O-rings – sealants, lubricants
  •       Oxygen breathing systems for vehicle and space suit valve and pump packing seals, mechanical seals and connectors
  •       Rocket engine assemblies:  liquid-fueled turbines, gimbals, pumps, reduction gears, valves with fuel/oxidizer exposure, threaded fasteners and metal connectors
  •       Valve and thread lubricant for aggressive systems
  •       Traction motors on lunar rover
  •       Assembly fluid and mobile magnetic barrier fluid to separate oil and water

 And Fomblin® PFPE greases are NSF H1-certified for incidental food contact in food processing areas, such as commercial airline galleys.

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