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Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants for the Power Generation Industry

Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants have been used in the power generation industry for quite some time. In both common and extreme applications, from turbine auxiliary systems to power plant MRO (maintenance, repair and operations), Fomblin® PFPE lubricants are used in a variety of applications.

When compared to conventional lubricants, operating equipment such as turbine control valves, gearboxes, dampers and ductwork valves, compressors, bearings, boilers, and pumps—as well as gaskets and seals—all benefit from the superior lubricity and viscosity of Fomblin® PFPE oils and greases. Fomblin® PFPE lubricants help protect your equipment and extend the life of essential power generation and distribution components.

Your choice of lubricants can dramatically affect your production equipment uptime and life-cycle costs over time. Costly re-lubrication frequency, replacement costs for friction-worn components, corrosion and deterioration from harsh chemicals and high temperatures can impact power generation production, employee safety, equipment costs and performance.

The many benefits of Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants include:

  •       Oxygen compatibility and non-reactivity with chemicals
  •       Will not explode, ignite, decompose, react to form gummy or solid deposits, or act as fuel for fires
  •       Extended life—so you’ll use a fraction of the usual quantities
  •       Undamaged by—and non-reactive with—acidic or caustic cleaners and disinfectants, steam and moisture
  •       Chemically and biologically inert, silicone-free and non-reactive to virtually all elastomers, plastics and metals
  •       Contain no volatile organic compound materials or chlorine
  •       Minimal environmental footprint—can be reprocessed, and are compatible with chemicals commonly used in industry

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