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Oxygen Service

Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants for Oxygen Service.

Fomblin® PFPE lubricants are the lubricant of choice for oxygen and reactive gas service with over 30 years of experience.

Fomblin® PFPE lubricants are completely non-flammable, chemically inert, thermally stable, and

completely safe to use in all areas of oxygen service.

Fomblin® PFPE lubricants are used in cryogenic pumps from manufacturers like Cryostar and Cryomec as well as in cryogenic blowers, bearings, compressors, connecting rods, oxygen bombs, valves, fittings, and O-rings, amongst other mechanical components.

The non-flammability and inertness to processing chemicals provides safe performance and eliminates potential explosive reactions.

Fomblin® PFPE lubricants have been tested and approved for safe use in oxygen service by Air Liquide, West German Federal Institute for Materials Testing (BAM), Praxair, Air Products.

Conventional mineral oil and synthetic lubricants are not compatible with oxygen or other oxidizing chemicals. Oxygen will react with conventional lubrication technologies, leading to potential for explosion, fire, and deterioration of the lubricant and component failure. Oxygen accelerates the decomposition of hydrocarbon lubricants. They rapidly form tars and varnish, causing bearings to fail. Oxygen will react with conventional additives, leading to degradation, reduced lubricant life, and a need for more frequent lubrication.

Standard lubricants are also at risk of compression auto-ignition, if contacted by a surge of oxygen. Conventional lubricants are subject to oxidation, attack by harsh chemical or solvents, flammability, and volatilization of the base oil, leading to failure of the lubrication system and associated hazards.

Conventional lubricant properties are often not adequate for critical systems where failure is not an option.

The wide range of chemically inert Fomblin® PFPE lubricants provide the best available lubrication for all oxygen service equipment.

Fomblin® PFPE lubricants are 100% compatible with oxygen and completely non-flammable, provide excellent lubricity, leading to extended equipment life vs. alternative technologies. In addition to being nonreactive towards oxygen, they are also safe for use with other oxidizing chemicals such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine, HF, etc.

In summary Fomblin® PFPE lubricants are ideal to improve the safety and reduce the complexity of any oxygen system. The use of Fomblin® PFPE lubricants will provide safe operation for all mechanical components.


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