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Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants for the Pulp And Paper Industry.

You may not realize that your production equipment lubrication and life-cycle costs represent a potential savings opportunity, but they do — if you use Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants. They can extend lubrication intervals on many of your pulp and paper processing machinery from weekly to annually — and much longer in some equipment, such as sootblower carriages.

Fomblin® PFPE oils and greases can help increase your pulp and paper equipment productivity. With other lubricants, costly and frequent re-lubrication is required. But Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants can extend your re-lubrication intervals and lubricant consumption.

In the extreme conditions of pulp mill and paper machine equipment, your choice in lubricants can affect your bottom line. Look to FenS chemicals for a complete line of high-value, top-quality Fomblin® PFPE lubricants

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